Shadagee Snowshoe Relacing
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Snowshoe Relacing

Snowshoes relaced from one section to total relacing. They can be relaced with rawhide or tubular nylon, your choice. Three coats of shellac are applied for a traditional look and performance.

Rawhide - $2.25/yard

Labor - $15.00/hour

snowshoe aftersnowshoe before


Leather Bindings

"Leather bindings like Grandma and Grandpa used"
Contact us for custom bindings prices

$28.00 $40.00 $49.00
$53.00 $33.00  


*Plus $11.00 shipping + handling - International shipping will cost extra. Contact us for more information.

(Most popular styles - more available)

Canoe Seats - Hard Cane, Prewove, or Rawhide Laced




Recaning, Reweaving of Chairs

Hand Cane

Leather Work

Leather from Wickett and Creig

Lifetime guarantee - my lifetime not yours!

work belt knife_sheath gun belts
Belts (work or dress) Knife Sheath Gun Belts
pet collars custom cases  
Pet Collars - cats to cows Custom Cases  

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